“Over four hundred years ago one man, Archbishop Edmund Grindal, had the vision and energy to create a unique legacy, St Bees School.
Presented below are the vision, mission and objectives of the new Board of Trustees tasked with safeguarding this legacy.
It is hoped that the sharing of our aims will present a real opportunity for all of us today who share Archbishop Grindal’s vision and energy to work collaboratively in order to secure a sustainable future for St Bees School.”
A stimulating, inclusive and safe environment in which every child is valued as an individual, and nurtured to realise their own unique potential.
To re-establish St Bees School as a vibrant and sustainable centre for the outstanding education and all round development of young people, in accordance with Archbishop Grindal’s legacy
  • Effective & transparent trusteeship
  • Maintain the existing assets & infrastructure in good order
  • Identify the most appropriate operating model for St Bees School
  • Secure necessary investment & support to develop existing assets / infrastructure to support identified model
  • Re-open St Bees School as soon as reasonably practical