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Our aim is to provide rich and inspirational educational experiences for all our pupils. We will seek to provide as many opportunities as possible for personal development through our academic studies, field trips, sports, drama and music. We will be driven by ambition for your child. It is also our aim to ensure that all children in our school feel confident, secure and happy in their new surroundings so that they will work hard to achieve their full potential. As we embed our fusion curriculum with our Pioneer Pupils in Year 7, we look forward to introducing pupils from other key years to our innovative education and pastoral care in 2019. Do contact us with any enquiries, or just arrange to look around. Every day is an open day at St Bees School.

Gareth Seddon Headmaster


Unique Education.

A tutor-based pastoral system, and a learning framework that fosters curiosity, creativity and enterprise, encouraging our pupil's individuality. As part of the Full Circle Education Group, We offer a global perspective that borrows the best from east and west, preparing our children for success in tomorrow's world

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Nestled in the heart of the seaside village of St Bees, St Bees School not only offers a unique education for your child, but also a healthy and safe environment where they can explore the world through the soles of their feet, make friends for life, and learn all they need to equip them for the wider world.

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