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Are you ready to Active-8 your imagination over the school holidays at St Bees?

Introducing ACTIVE-8 – our one-of-a-kind summer school holiday programme for children aged 8-16, where learning and playing go hand in hand to provide children with the skills and personal development in a fun, engaging way.


ACTIVE-8 2022


What is ACTIVE-8?

ACTIVE-8 is a school holiday programme like no other. Combining STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) with LEGO® , children will learn to code their own robots, gain confidence through LEGO® challenges both inside and outside of the classroom, lead teams and generally have fun while learning essential skills and boosting their personal development.

We want to activate young minds and get them thinking about the bigger picture and what the world of the future may look like – which will more than likely include robotics.

What Makes ACTIVE-8 Different?

So, what sets ACTIVE-8 apart from other holiday programmes?

  • Improves motor skills – LEGO® building involves dexterity and coordination
  • Encourages teamwork – every student will have to work together to overcome set challenges
  • Inspires creativity – design your own cities, buildings and robots with various features while considering colours, shapes and more
  • Develops problem-solving skills – focusing on problems, attention to detail and creating a solution are all a huge part of the programme
  • Boosts communication skills – builds new friendships, reinforces old friendships and encourages children to talk to each other to achieve success
  • Teaches perseverance – with some challenging tasks to overcome, everyone will have to work on their persistence, determination and perseverance to solve problems
  • Motivates confidence – being able to see your decisions turn into successes helps boost self-confidence and esteem
  •  Improves planning skills – everyone uses their lateral and forward-thinking abilities to create exciting new concepts and solutions

Boarding Opportunities

We’ve opened up this incredibly unique opportunity to the whole of the UK and beyond, meaning that some of you will be travelling from a little further away than St Bees to get here.

Luckily, our boarding facilities allow us to provide a comfortable boarding experience for those looking to travel to us to take advantage of our ACTIVE-8 programme, complete with meals and evening activities to enhance the ACTIVE-8 experience even more.

Want to find out more or book your place on this unique summer school holiday programme? Feel free to email today.