St Bees School

Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's Welcome

Wishing you all a very warm welcome
to St Bees School.

An introduction by Mr Andrew Keep, Interim Headmaster.

At St Bees School, we are constantly striving to identify the needs of tomorrow’s world, and prepare our students, from ages 11-18, to meet these challenges with confidence. What skills and competencies will our students require for the world of 2032? Many of the jobs they will be doing have not yet been invented. At St Bees, we give them the skills to not only achieve, but to excel in an ever-changing world.

St Bees is “where West meets East”. China is a rising star in the economic firmament and an enterprise superpower. Our twin-campus approach between St Bees UK and St Bees China aims to develop a free-flow of students between the two campuses, united through their shared curriculum.

All of our UK students learn Mandarin Chinese as a first foreign language and their bilingual competence will place them head and shoulders above other students in their future university applications and job interviews. We recognise that China’s advanced approach to the teaching of Mathematics makes them world leaders in this regard, and in partnership with Durham University’s School of Education – Number 1 in the UK – we offer a ‘fusion’ maths curriculum which accelerates student learning in this critical subject.

Here at St Bees, we recognise that character is key and this means that our students develop academic attainment in tandem with character attributes. St Bees students will develop into confident, caring, creative, independent young people. They will harness a global mindset and they will walk away with competencies that set them up for future success.

The opportunities, beyond what we consider to be the core of academic achievement and character development, are myriad and students can thrive in the cleanest and safest of environments. Sport, outdoor pursuits, Music, Art and Drama all contribute to building towards each individual’s confidence, independence, personal organization, teamwork and leadership.

Small class sizes, one-to-one mentoring, and all-round excellence in pastoral care and attention to mental wellbeing ensure that each young person at St Bees will develop a preparedness for the challenges of the world beyond school.

All in all, an exciting education awaits. Please visit us and find out for yourself what lies on the other side of our educational horizon.

Mr Andrew Keep
Interim Headmaster