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Full Circle’s vision embraces Fusion – integrating the best of eastern and western approaches to education and enriching education with the wisdom of both cultures.

Full Circle believes in the power of integration, in which a sense of common purpose provides children with an education that transcends national boundaries while preserving cultural integrity. Its mission is to provide partner schools with a Fusion curriculum that takes a holistic approach to academic achievement and character development.

Full Circle logo
Full Circle logo

Our mission here at St Bees School, under the leadership of Full Circle, is to provide the educational environment required to develop the next generation of global leaders:

  • Fusion: Integrating the Best of East and West
  • Academic Attainment (IQ) in Balance with Character Development (EQ)
  • Nurturing Virtues
  • A World School with Extended Opportunities

And it will successful do this by building on Archbishop Grindal’s legacy.

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