Short Courses

Here at St Bees School, we run phenomenal Autumn, Spring and Summer programmes. Our boarding house, with 52 beds, is full to the brim of International, UK regional and local children, all experiencing a fantastic cultural exchange.

However, these short courses are more than just a Holiday programme. Each programme is designed to really enhance every available minute, with a focus, clear aims on fun and learning, and in promoting our St Bees philosophy of setting children up for the future of tomorrow.

In ensuring that our programme is enriched, we combine every day with multisports, as well as elements of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Students leave feeling inspired, energised and most significantly, slip back into school without the inevitable fall back of knowledge after a break.

Pre-A Level Programme

In order to fully prepare our second language students for what lies ahead, St Bees School offers a unique chance to get to grips with the demands and expectations of A Level learning within our one year IGCSE course.

From EAL Support, university counselling and preparation and a real focus on building their life skills, there are plenty of opportunities for our students to shine in their studies – and as individuals, too.

Boarding Preparation Programme

As one of the oldest schools in the world, St Bees School has a 430-year-old heritage of providing education through its boarding provision.

At St Bees our staff are not simply teachers – they are educators for life. We believe that academic attainment and character attributes should be developed in balance. In short, IQ develops in partnership with EQ. The boarding community plays a leading role in offering such a rounded education.

St Bees offers foreign students a comprehensive preparation for their boarding experience, running hand in hand with their academic development.

But don’t just take our word for it. The feedback from parents says it all…

Fantastic, loved it, stimulated by it – wow! He thoroughly enjoyed the week. Making new friends and doing a variety of activities. He already loves Forest School / swimming / sports but came home bursting with information which he couldn’t tell me fast enough! This programme is SO much more than I had hoped for. It has definitely had a significant positive impact in his development. Thank you to a fantastic team!

They both really enjoyed their week, talking about what they have done in the Forest, making new friends and meeting up with children they have met at previous summer camps. As a parent, I love the fact that they are outside exploring, learning about recycling and different cultures. This year with having the foreign exchange students present. The staff interact with the children and ensure they all have a brill time!

Loved Forest School and the activities throughout the week. His highlight was Forest School and the beach. Loved leaf pictures and den/nest making. Excellent!

Really enjoyed it, wishes he could come every day of the holidays.

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