The Future

As we embark on this exciting venture of the new St Bees, we would like to outline our unique educational philosophy here.

It is this philosophy which underpins everything we do – making us not only distinct from other schools, but far, far more than your average school.

St Bees School…

  • Is modern and internationalised – built on over 430 years of tradition and heritage;
  • Provides a unique fusion of West and East;
  • Promotes academic success in balance with character development;
  • Prepares students for a global tomorrow;
  • Enhances progress through individual mentoring.

At St Bees we employ future-oriented learning strategies, meaning that students are not glued to the desk or to their textbooks. Active learning takes place here, with lots of opportunity for research-based learning. Our new computer room in Foundation has been designed with research in mind and there is a vibrant buzz of student-centred learning in evidence.  Our Fusion Maths programme, in collaboration with Durham University, is providing results well beyond expectation.

We are new, we are vibrant – and we are here to stay.

“St Bees is essential to my child’s development, not just academic achievement but everything else that goes into giving my child the best start in life. The teachers and support staff are like part of our family.”


St Bees School

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