Why Choose St Bees School?

Why choose St Bees School?

St Bees School is much more than just a private secondary school in the UK; we place a lot of pride on our uniquely developed Fusion Curriculum, which enables our students to leave us both academically successful and well-rounded as a person.

Founded in 1583, St Bees School has over four centuries of history and heritage.  We are a school with a noble past… but a trail-blazing future – and that’s what really makes us different.

Developing Our Students’ Characters

Our focus on character development alongside academic subjects sets St Bees students head and shoulders above the rest.

Through our Global Awareness Programme, every student learns essential life skills that will help them develop confidence, presentation, problem-solving and teamwork abilities – something that many schools don’t cover.

Balancing Education and Personal Development

On the academic side of things, we’ve taken the best of the education system here in the West and merged it with what education in the East can provide to create a true fusion learning experience.

This helps our students balance their personal character development and their academic success and gives them the confidence to prove that they are prepared for the future – both in their studies and as a person.

A Global Mindset

All students also learn Mandarin from the moment they start with us. China is a huge influence when it comes to developing the future of our world, and giving our students the ability to speak Mandarin fluently by the time they leave the school gives them a skill that not many other 16 or 18-year-olds have and that will be a massive boost with regards to international job opportunities later in life.

St Bees School welcomes students from all over the world. Our global mindset helps international friendships flourish, and our children are able to work alongside and learn from children from other cultures and backgrounds. All this contributes to our dedication to character development and preparing our students for an international future.

A Safe Place to Live

The village surrounding the school is a huge part of the St Bees School community. Our students often go out into the community to help out with beach cleans, local events and even going into local primary schools to teach younger children skills that they have developed here.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose St Bees School. If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.

Many are drawn to St Bees as a place for its beauty, its exceptional coast and its village community.  On the fringe of the Lake District UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are surrounded by excellent opportunities to explore the lakes and mountains the National park has to offer.  Our location equates to safety – students and parents gain additional reassurance in the knowledge that students grow, develop and become inspired without fear or boundaries.

But it is not just our location or our first-class facilities, technology, sporting offerings, and people.  It is our unique education that draws those to St Bees School.

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