(Blog) Change can be scary… but it can also be exciting.

Author: Ceara Hayden, Head of Marketing and Admissions
When change can be a good thing

Why change?

Change is often feared by many; yet embraced by some.  We can all be quite comfortable; sitting here in our unfluctuating world, being taken along by the tide of life.  Change is unknown.  Change is scary.  Change takes time, effort, energy.  Isn’t it just best to stick with things until they’re broken?

Perhaps.  But change can also be revolutionary.  Exciting.  Dynamic.  And change can open doors, opportunities and provide so much more than we ever thought.  So why did St Bees change its logo?  Why did we change our website, our newsletter, our school colours?  I can tell you this.  It wasn’t because we just felt like we were plodding along.  It wasn’t because we didn’t feel an affinity or affection towards the crest, its colours, its symbolism.  And most importantly, it wasn’t because we wanted to get away from the old school and become an entirely different school.  It was, in fact, very much the opposite.

What has changed?

You may have noticed (it’d be very hard not to!), that the ‘old’ St Bees crest has gone.  In its place – a new, fresher, sleeker and more modern crest stands.  But not to replace the history of the old one.  This one is a symbol of the reformation of the new school.  Following the reopening in 2018, and with a year under Full Circle management, we were keen to illustrate how, with tradition and heritage still within our foundations, we are trail blazing forward into the future.  And what an exciting future this shall be.

What does this mean?

So does this mean that St Bees new is different to St Bees old?  Yes.  But not in a negative way.  We are new, because the world we live in is constantly new.  We have to adapt; to react; to internalise things that happen in our everyday lives in order to propel ourselves forward.  This is exactly what we’re doing at St Bees.  Our new website is minimal.  Because, at the heart of it, all you really need to know is that we are here.  We are open.  We are unique.  And we can offer your child the very best education, to allow them to fulfil their potential.  To give them the opportunity to be global citizens in this ever shrinking world.

In a nutshell

So that is it.  A re-brand.  A renovation.  A reformation.  Yes, we are different; but we are also the same.  We are focused on the future, adapting to the dynamic, crazy, ever changing world we live in so our children can seamlessly enter that world when they leave here, as prepared as they will ever be.  Please enjoy our new website; take a look around – and if you have any comments or feedback, we’d love to hear from you – welcome@stbeesschool.co.uk.

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  1. Hi Ceara

    Some excellent content here – well done.

    I’m an Old St Beghian with a background in marketing so I’m very interested to see how you reach out to prospective students and their parents and influencers.

    I’ve tried unsuccessfully to LinkedIn with you

    Please invite me to connect

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