(Blog) Chinese New Year – a Student Perspective

Mr Todd. Or a dragon? Not too sure…

Our Year 8 reporter, Maddie, feeds back on Chinese New Year…

On Friday 24th January, St Bees School hosted a Chinese New Year day for children from different schools and for people who live in the village to come and have a fun afternoon doing Chinese-based activities. Over the day, more than 400 people entered the school and they all said that they had a great time.

Print Making and Decorating Plates

When everyone was decorating the plates, they were allowed to draw loads of different patterns on related to Chinese New Year. They were all enthusiastic and eager to do the print making. They had some red paint and they covered it over a template of a rat (the Chinese zodiac of this year) and with the numbers 2020 at the bottom.

“I have really enjoyed doing all of the drawing”

Macie, Year 3, Gosforth Primary School
Print making, overseen by St Bees School students


This was one of the most authentic Chinese activity that everyone enjoyed. They got a picture which they had to cut around and then they ended with their finished picture. Mrs Hall also showed all the children a video about a Chinese person who had been doing papercutting since she was 7 years old and the reason on how she is so successful.

A Sixth Form student helps out with paper cutting.

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy is the writing of Chinese characters as a form of art. It is widely practiced in China and people also do it in Eastern Asia. At the Chinese New Year Day however, pupils from a range of schools from West Cumbria did it. The children all got to write out the character of ‘happiness’- 福.

“I will definitely be celebrating Chinese New Year every year!”

Layla, Year 3, Moor Row School
Calligraphy skills in action

Spring Rolls

Two people who work in Jasmine Palace in Whitehaven, showed many children the art of how to make the perfect spring roll. They had also premade some for all the children. I even had one myself and it was delicious. If they wanted to, they were allowed to take them home to re-heat at home.

Mmmm… must find food now

Cultural Presentations

Mr Sinnet and 2 other pupils did a presentation on what is Chinese New Year and why we celebrate it. It was very fact filled. They also re-told the story of Nian the Dragon and he is the cause of the celebration of Chinese New Year of the Spring Festival.

Tom Dalzell

Tom Dalzell is an Old St Beghan who was educated in the school from 1949-1953. It was a lot different to how it is now because at the time, St Bees was an all-boys school. He had not been to the school since its reopening and he got a bit emotional at the sight of how great the school has become. In school, Tom was a good athlete which meant that he wore a white badge. During the whole time he was at St Bees no-one else ever won one.

Thank you for reading the blog about what happened when St Bees School celebrated Chinese New Year.


By Maddie, Year 8

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  1. I really enjoyed Maddie’s well written report of all the exciting activities which took place at St Bees School when students, teachers and children from nearby schools came together to celebrate Chinese New Year. The photos show what a marvellous time was had by all with calligraphy, paper cutting, presentations and Chinese Spring roll making to name just a few! What fun and a day to remember!

    1. Hi Jo, Thank you for your comment. We’re glad that you enjoyed reading Maddie’s report – the celebrations were fantastic and we hope that everyone enjoyed it and had as much fun as we all did!

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