(Blog) Christmas Is A Time For Reflecting… And Parking Discs!

Author: Ceara Hayden, Head of Marketing & Admissions

Christmas gives most of us a chance for a bit of a rest and a break from normality.  A chance to indulge in too many mince pies, chocolates and pigs in blankets.  Days are spent wondering what day of the week it is.  We may receive rather considerate, well-thought well-intentioned gifts if we’re lucky (I received toilet roll and a Cumbria County Council parking disc… don’t be jealous). 

But, importantly, it also gives us a time to think and reflect.  To muse on what last year brought, and what next year has to come.

I recently read a phrase, “your future self is watching you right now through memories.”  What would your future self see?  What caught my attention the most from reading this is that it is almost this sentiment exactly on which we have built the new St Bees ethos.

We want the futures of our St Bees students to be fruitful, successful and most significantly, fulfilling and enriching.  We want their future selves to be proud, articulate, confident, caring.  And we want them to look back on their time at St Bees with satisfaction and honour.

Our character development programme has now expanded ten-fold, and the glowing feedback from parents at the recent parent consultations reflects our confidence that this dimension is having a palpably positive impact on our students and their self-confidence. Working with East China Normal University, we are implementing a more rigorous and scientific way to assess how a student at St Bees develops, in terms of their character, throughout their time with us.

This ability to then assess, monitor, evaluate and formulate means that each and every student at St Bees will grow.  Whether they spend 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or even the whole 7 years with us, they will become individuals of character.  And their future selves shall be prepared for jobs that don’t even exist yet.  But… most importantly.  Their future selves will be proud.

This is exciting.  This is revolutionary.  This is unique. 

This is St Bees.

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