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Author: Ceara Hayden, Head of Marketing and Admissions
Our lives are full of decisions.  From the mundane (‘What shall I wear this morning?’  ‘What shall I eat for tea tonight?’  ‘What do I buy Uncle Bert for Christmas?’), to the slightly more life-changing (‘Shall I take that job offer?’  ‘Should I marry this man/woman?’  ‘Where shall I send my child to school?’).

The thing with decisions is that there is, ultimately, no right or wrong answer.  And the frustratingly beautiful thing about decisions is that we will never know until we try.  Once we’ve committed to a decision, how would we know ‘what would have been’?  Yes, when times are hard and we think we’ve made the wrong decision, we often think we’ve made the wrong choice.  But, actually, who is to say that the alternative option would have turned out much better?

Choosing the right school for your child isn’t by means, an easy decision to make.  Especially for Secondary School – a place that will see them transition, from children, to teenagers, to young adults.  A place that, when you put it bluntly, will determine their steps at 18; be that employment, an internship or University which will subsequently determine their entire life path and career.  So making that decision is no mean feat.  No pressure then!

Our Independent Schools Show Stand.

We have recently attended the Independent Schools Show in London.  Probably half of the wonderful parents and families we met had children who were under five.  Even one whose child hadn’t even been conceived!  And yet, they were truly and utterly dedicated in finding the right place for their child.

These decisions take time – and in knowing when the child is young, families can start building the foundation of their child’s future.  It’s a bit like building a house… the earlier you start, the more the ground work is set and remains solid, and provides firmer foundations for the future.

And so I bring you to taking those first steps with St Bees.  Here, we are forward-thinking.  Our school is built upon the ethos of preparing your children for the global world of tomorrow.  In seven, ten, fifteen years’ time, when your child is ‘out there in the real world’, they will most likely interview for a job that hasn’t even been invented yet.  They will most likely be sat in the interview room opposite Joe Bloggs who has the same academic results.  How does the employer distinguish between the two?

Here at St Bees, we ensure that every single child who leaves St Bees has a strongly developed EQ (character).  We ensure they stand out from the crowd.  We ensure they are equipped with the flexible and transferable life skills that allow them to be global, confident, caring individuals who can stand on their own two feet, hold their own and be the best they can be.

That process starts with us when we receive the Registration Form.  We don’t make our Admissions process complicated here at St Bees.  Life is complicated enough!  We are not academically selective – but we do want children with potential.  Because they are the young people who will truly benefit from a St Bees education.

So in a nutshell…
  1.  Give us a call and/or pay us a visit to make sure St Bees is right for you.
  2. Complete the Registration Form
  3. Sit the entrance exams – which include 1 hr 40 mins of testing and then a short chat with us here in the school
  4. Await feedback
That’s it.  Really.  Nothing scary, nothing hard and nothing that needs preparation.
So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and start your journey as a family, with your new St Bees family, into the global future.

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