(BLOG) New School Year Nerves

Author: Roger Sinnett, Headmaster

This is the bit which is disliked by children across the country, when the advertisements come into the department stores – “Back to School”. Oh no! So soon? After weeks of freedom and long, lazy days, back to the regimented world ruled by that infamous military dictator – General Timetable.

This experience is made even more daunting because I am starting at a new school.  Bad enough that I have to leave the comfort of my cosy primary school, but now I am headed for a place where I have a different teacher for each subject and where I have to change classrooms after each lesson…   And you wonder why I’m nervous? 

Ok, let’s shine a light down that supposed black hole and see what we can see.

First, the sun is rising on a new day, the birds are singing.  You’re not the first student to go to that school, right?
  • Um, No, I think St Bees School has been welcoming children for the past 430 years and many thousands of them have gone on to become really successful with happy lives.
What about friends?
  • It is at school where students have made those friends who have stayed friends for a lifetime. I’m going to do the same.
What about new learning?
  • It’ll be great to do science in a real laboratory where we can do crazy experiments and learn about outer space and the cosmos and stuff…
Anything else?
  • I know we’re going to start learning Chinese, which is called Mandarin, and then when we have learned enough we’re going to go and spend some time in our St Bees school in China, and have a real adventure. Wow, so exciting!
Do you think you’ll be OK with all that new learning?
  • Well, I know that I’m going to have my own Tutor who meets with me every week or so and we chat about how to be successful and get over any problems I have.
Is there anything else of interest which you’re going to do?
  • The drama sounds fun where we all work together to produce a show and dress up with makeup and everything. And we do Art in a really cool studio and learn how to paint like Banksy…
Will you like having a small class?
  • At St Bees, classes are really small and that means that the teacher can spend more time with each of us and make sure we are really learning well. It seems more like a big family than a school.  Most of my friends from primary school are in schools with thousands of kids and really big classes and I think I would not learn so well there.  I’d probably get lost…
So do you know any things at St Bees which are different from other schools?
  • I know some things are really different. Like we learn how to do Fusion maths which will make us all into really super mathematicians.
Anything else?
  • Um… the GAP programme means we work together in teams in small groups and learn how to do public speaking and be confident and do research. We get to choose what we present, and they film us, and that’s going to be awesome.  I want to be good at that.
So, about your nervousness…  Can you tell me why you’re nervous?
  • What? Oh that…  I’m not nervous.  I’m just excited.  I want it to start soon!
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