(BLOG) Reaping the years of hard work – GCSE results day

You did it
Author: Ceara Hayden, Head of Marketing and Admissions
Futures are opened, pasts are closed… all on just one day

GCSE results day is tomorrow.  What a momentous day.  I remember when I was at school, a scarily number of years ago, how one teacher said to me… “your GCSEs are the most important exams you will sit.  You need those to get into Sixth Form to do your A-Levels, which will then get you into University.”  However, we must still acknowledge that not everyone will go on to the path of Sixth Form and then University.  That is totally fine.  We shouldn’t be and aren’t all the same.  We should all choose to take the path we wish to take.  But gaining your GCSE results at least opens doors; and is a significant step on the marker to adulthood.

As I pause to think about my own GCSE results day, I realise that I actually don’t remember too much.   Which is odd considering the pressure, work and importance put upon that day. Weirdly, I do remember what I was wearing: nothing exciting – just pale jeans, a navy t-shirt and a white jumper.  Memories are an odd thing.  But results day came and went.  And then Sixth Form came and went.  And then University came and went.  But actually that is unfair to say they just ‘came and went’.  They were truly formative years; each distinct in its own right.  I went to a different Sixth Form to my friends – different from the place I sat my GCSEs.  Did I regret that move?  No, not in a million years.  Was it the right school for me?  I’m not 100% sure.  But then are we ever 100% sure?

Making the leap to Sixth Form

Your Sixth Form years are incredibly formative years.  But then, so could you argue are GCSE years.  And obviously University.   But Sixth Form is a huge step up.  For the first time, you are treated like a young adult.  Your opinion matters.  Your voice matters.  You are responsible for your own actions, study and therefore future.  Sixth Form is about your choices.  And learning who you are.  (For it to only change radically as soon as you enter Freshers’ Week at University!).  And so choosing your Sixth Form is a big decision to make, and not one to take lightly.

Sixth Form Life with a difference

Sixth Form life will be different wherever you attend.  Here at St Bees, it is once again unique.  Being such a small school, our Sixth Form entry is, in itself, small.

But small is no bad thing at all.  We enable students to become independent, take responsibility and harness a sense of leadership within the school.  Small means that we can take the time, energy and focus in ensuring we help you to succeed beyond your potential.  Small means that you can become who you want to become, with no boundaries – only opportunities.

So what are you waiting for?  Whatever your results… start your future here with St Bees today.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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