(Blog) Why may boarding be right for me?

Author: Laurence Gribble, Assistant Head/Board Director

When the clock strikes half past five and the day students go home, what happens to those who have opted to call the school their second home – the boarders?

The evenings begin with a communal dinner, a chance to reflect on the day and to engage in social debate and discussion – no sitting in front of the TV! Then it’s back to the boarding house for homework, activities, free time and house duties. Weekends are packed with fun and exciting activities and outings.

Structure and Support

A boarding house is a real home away from home. Routines provide a healthy structure that helps with time management and planning. Students are able to flourish and exceed their potential on the foundations of this stability. Houseparents, tutors and matrons provide pastoral support in whatever form is required and are always available when needed. A boarding house is designed to remove as many of a student’s worries and uncertainties as possible, so that each student can focus on their academic and personal development.

One of our newly refurbished rooms.
The Power of Peers

A boarding house is a twenty-four-hour international community designed as a hub for student development. Students are surrounded by equally ambitious young men and women from all over the world. Guided by the house staff, they create their own positive learning environment and support each other to develop their individual characters. Motivation created amongst peers is far more powerful than any teacher could try to instil. A boarding house therefore becomes a hive of activity, a home that each member can be proud of, and a place where all strive for communal advancement.

One of School House’s common rooms.
Preparation for Tomorrow

The step from school to university is a large one. Students often face struggles with new learning styles, less support, new friendships, living away from home and much more. As a boarder, living away from home is a way of life, not a daunting proposition. This advantage allows you to focus and thrive from day one and to meet the other challenges head on.

At St Bees, we put a lot of emphasis on preparing students for the international world of tomorrow and on character development. What better environment is there than an international boarding house where you can meet people from a variety of cultures with different traditions, customs and religions? To truly become a global citizen, you need to be immersed in a global environment. To really develop your empathy, understanding, teamwork, communication, you need to be exposed to people with different ways of thinking, different values and different ways of expressing themselves.

At St Bees, our boarding house is a home, it’s a family, it’s a place for you to develop into the best possible version of yourself. Come and take a look…

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  1. Wow! Those new facilities are stunning. And where else in west Cumbria can you get the chance of an international education with students from other nations and cultures. Fingers crossed for a thriving future.

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