(Blog)The Reawakening of China after the Storm

Author: Roger Sinnett, Headmaster

After a long, cold winter, spring is in the air and the first warmth of new sunshine can be felt in the springtime flowers and early blossoms.

China is awakening too.  The people there have been in lockdown since January but the draconian measures introduced to stop the spread of the virus are now slowly being relaxed.  Shops and restaurants are reopening and the first children are going back to their schools.  

As you will already know, there are two new St Bees schools under construction in China – one in the north and the other in the south of the country.  As the building work progresses, the senior leaders are in post and receiving training from us in parallel with St Bees UK.  Our task is to guarantee that all three schools share the same DNA – the same ethos, the same fusion curriculum and the same standards.  So each week during conference calls we collaborate with the Principals and ensure that the school structures in China become harmonised so that we share the House systems, the school uniform and countless other components.

At St Bees we believe passionately in our vision …where West meets East… and are committed to an education provision which is broad enough to extract the most positive components from both English and Chinese education systems.  Why?  Because we are creating the next generation of leaders who have a global mind-set and a strong, balanced character.  Our educational ambitions defy national borders, and whether in the UK, China or any other country, our students will be well prepared for the demands of tomorrow’s world.  Hundreds of students have already applied for a place at our China schools, hungry for the kind of education we will provide, and in St Bees UK, we are already looking at increasing our student roll by at least 300% in September, so the message we are sending is certainly falling on fertile ground.

Watch this space for regular updates of these exciting developments.

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