Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival at St Bees UK

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival at St Bees UK

by Mrs Amy Zhang | Head of Chinese Department | Research Member of China Centre, Lancaster University

Learning Chinese at St Bees School is composed of two main parts: language and culture.

Video from chinahighlights.com

The Chinese department of St Bees School ensures that all the students fully understand the Mid-Autumn Festival, using different methods such as video appreciation for students in all Years, and through the culture communication time known as “Culture Express” at the end of each lesson.

For junior students, in order to create a deep, lasting memory of the festival, the department organised various activities, such as soft calligraphy practice and lantern making.

The cultural connotation of the Mid Autumn Festival was greatly stimulated by the teaching of recitation of the famous poem “Jing Ye Si – Li Bai”.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

🥮 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节快乐) from St Bees UK, St Bees Dongguan, and St Bees Shijiazhuang 🥮Find out more about the Mid-Autumn Festival here: https://www.chinahighlights.com/festivals/mid-autumn-festival.htm

Posted by St Bees School on Thursday, 1 October 2020

During a seminar with tea and mooncake tasting, senior students enjoyed finding out more about Chinese culture.

Furthermore, our Chinese Teaching Assistant, Venus, teamed up with students and created fusion “ice” mooncakes for the students and teachers to try.

The recipe of the mooncake was carefully selected to match the concept of “Where West Meets East”.

Delicious mooncakes created by the Students and Venus

In addition, every year, the department also helps the staff of St Bees UK to understand the Chinese culture and the festival through the electronic newsletter Culture Insider, which creates a rich campus atmosphere for all teachers and students to spend the Chinese festival together.

Amy has cross-border professional background and cross-cultural communication professional experiences in media, government, business, non-profit organization and academia.

Amy achieved her first degree from Beijing Language and Culture University, the top university in the world for teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages.

Over the years, Amy has accumulated rich experiences in tutoring and teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and holds the qualifications of HSK Examiner and Teacher of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.

Since 2011, Amy has been teaching in many schools and universities in the UK. At present, she is the leader of Chinese teaching at St Bees School and a researcher of China Center of Lancaster University.

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