Wainwright Walking Club Walk Launch – September 12th 2021

Written by Mr Silk

On Sunday 12th September 2021 we opened our Wainwright Club with a superb day out. 

A multinational (England, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Ukraine) football-sized team of 11 students, accompanied by Mr Silk, Miss Popescu and Mr Mackman set out from the Bowness Knot Car Park at Ennerdale Water on what turned out to be a perfect day for walking in the Fells. 

The climb was certainly not easy, but all persevered and with the right level of encouragement made it to the top of their first Wainwright, Great Borne, to choruses of “Sir, Miss, are we going down now?” 

The short-lived optimism, or maybe it was pessimism, was soon dismissed, and all the students, blisters aside, realised how wonderful the fells were once you are on top of them. 

It was great, of course, as the weather cleared and the distant fells, coupled with views of Ennerdale on one side and Crummock Water on the other helped them to appreciate just why we struggle to the top of the fells in the first place. 

The next Wainwright, Starling Dodd, gave them the joys of their first lunch on the fells and without ceremony we were off to our true summit for the day and the joys of Red Pike.  Although many of the students were tiring by then, their appreciation was abundant as they added the delightful view of Buttermere to other waters far below. 

The cloud had cleared from the high peaks as well, with Great Gable, Pillar and Scafell all in view.  As we descended the steep slope, with a bit of scree-running thrown into the mix, the sun came out and our weary legs were given a new impetus by the beauty of the afternoon. 

A tramp down the lake beckoned for our last hour and some tired, chuffed and, in some instances, rather relieved bodies climbed into the school minibus at the end of an excellent inaugural day for the St Bees Wainwright Club. 

Well done to all who took part.

Miss Popescu has ‘awarded’ the following:

‘Shaun the Sheep’ award for friendship with Herdwicks: Pablo S and Gonzalo

‘David Attenborough’ award for contemplating nature: Aleksandar

‘Torvill & Dean’ award for slipperiest shoes: Philipp

‘Rowan Atkinson’ award for best humour: Rares.

‘Timberland’ award for worst blisters: Wilhelmine

‘Spotify in the Fells’ award for best mountain walking playlist: Arron

‘Sir Edmund Hillary’ award for perseverance: Ahafiia

‘Fast and Furious’ award for setting off too quickly: Daniel and Pablo M

‘3Cs award: calm, cool and collected’ throughout the walk: Gaia

‘Haribo’ award for sugar consumption: Antonio

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