Wainwright Walking Club Walk – Sunday 7th November 2021

Written by Mr Silk

As the colder and much windier weather sets in we will be doing somewhat shorter routes, just knocking off one or two Wainwrights rather than 3 or 4 each time. 

This time we took a mixed group of 13 students and 2 staff.  We were delighted to be joined by the parents and sister of Antonio who joined us all the way from Madrid, so we were 18 in all. 

Our first peak, Cat Bells, proved to be our last because one or two members who were new to the mountains turned out to be a little slow so we decided to put our next move to a vote: pressing on to Maiden Moor or a walk along Derwent Water lakeside and up to Jordan’s family home for hot chocolate and stroking the cows. 

On such a windy day it was a no contest: the team voted with their feet and so it was: off to lounge in Jordan’s family bunkhouse with hot chocolate in hand and malt loaf as well. 

Just 4.2 miles done and 450 metres climbed- less than half of what we usually do, but we had a treat awaiting us: not only did we meet the geese and chickens, we also got to stroke the Shetland cows. 

After the amazing hospitality of Jordan’s parents, we drove into Keswick for some promised time in the town.  Pizza and some garishly-coloured sweets seemed to be the most popular purchases and then we were off for home. 

Next time it will be a little less eating and petting of farm animals and a little more walking!  Thanks go to Miss Popescu for aiding with leading the team. 

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