Cumbrian Award

Cumbrian Award

St Bees School, on the fringe of the UNESCO World Heritage Lake District National Park, is making an impact across the world. As the only school to offer a unique Fusion Curriculum, we are preparing students for the global world of tomorrow – and we would love to take your students on this journey with us.

What is the Cumbrian Award?

St Bees School already has two sister schools in China. However, a third is underway and will open in September 2021.

To coincide with this new venture, and to continue the legacy of St Bees in propelling young people with potential into an incredible future, we are offering students from your school a chance to join the St Bees family.

The Cumbrian Award seeks to find the best students who would benefit from a bespoke, small school environment, but where financial means may normally stop such opportunity. Therefore, this award provides assistance with fees, with up to a 50% discount, based on a means-tested assessment.

Here at St Bees, we offer a bespoke ‘Global Awareness Programme’ – offering students the opportunity to develop key skills such as teamwork, leadership, personal organisation, confidence… all the skills they will need for the future.

The success of this programme runs on mixing students from different walks of life, backgrounds and ideas to create one melting pot in which ideas fuse together.

Who is it for?

We are looking for students with potential. They will hugely benefit from small class sizes, an intensive yet effective mentoring process, and a unique international and fusion curriculum.

The Cumbrian Award recipients must be residents of Cumbria and will be day students only. The Award is applicable for entry into any year group.

All will leave the school with a sense of vitality, a sense of independence and a sense of creative leadership. They will enter the world and start their first jobs, miles ahead of their peers. Do you have any students who would thrive with us?

How do I apply?

To apply, an Enquiry Form, Registration Form and Financial Declaration should be completed and returned to the details on the poster. To request these, please fill in the form below.

Students will then be invited for either an online or in-person interview (COVID-restrictions pending) and will be asked to sit Entrance Exams – all of which will be administered virtually.

Can you tell me more about St Bees?

Of course! We love talking about St Bees more than anything else. Just drop us an email or give us a call anytime. We’d be more than happy to welcome you!

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