St Bees School is an Independent School. Here at St Bees, all young people are offered the opportunity to explore and develop their own strengths and character within a safe and supportive environment. Academic excellence is promoted through the provision of high quality teaching, regular and relevant monitoring, reporting and examinations.

All students are expected to rise to the academic challenge and each has access to a personal tutor who will take close interest in their welfare and academic progress, as well as responding to any other needs as they arise. Small class sizes led by highly-skilled educational practitioners help the school to maintain consistently high academic standards, while embracing individual needs and goals.

Following the re-opening in 2018 with a Year 7 intake, the school will grow year on year (with a year 7, 8, 9 and 12 intake in 2019). Pupils will reap the benefits of day-long access to study and recreational facilities, and plenty of out-of-hours activities on campus.

Over the coming years St Bees will provide continuous education on the same campus for boys and girls from 11 to 18 years of age.

Children transition gently and positively through the progressive stages of education at St Bees, facing new challenges at each level, We are committed to educating children in the behaviours, attitudes, skills and knowledge that will underpin their pathway to success in life. When they leave, our pupils will be ready for work or ready for further education.