Full Circle Newsletter St Bees School Issue 25

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St Bees School Eton Fives Coaching

Headmaster’s Update

February brings us to the half-way point in the school year. Lots of things have happened since September, and a vast amount of work has been done. All of those connected with St Bees School have worked incredibly hard to make it a success. Visitors so often comment on how good the school looks and the nice feeling that there is around the place. Ofsted inspectors validated the work we have done so far and our vision for the future. Unsurprisingly, though, we are not resting on our laurels as we push on with developing the School even further. Rest assured that we are always looking to improve and give our children new experiences – we are St Bees School.

Mr Gareth Seddon, Headmaster

If you would prefer to download a PDF of the newsletter you can do so by clicking here.

Happy Chinese New Year from staff, pupils and trustees: 新年快乐

This Week at School

This week our pupils have been working towards building a heat resistant space module in their engineering club. Their mission is to design, make, test and evaluate an appropriate heat shield to protect a square of chocolate from a heat source. In order for their mission to be successful they must protect their chocolate from melting for 3 minutes. The winning designs will be announced next week!

This week Paul from the Eton Fives Association visited the School to offer some expert coaching to our pupils. Paul got the pupils to practice the different shots used in Eton fives: underarm, over arm and side slice. They had to hit a specific target at the back of the fives court when practising with both their left and right handed shots. They held competitions between small groups each time to see who could hit the target the most in 1 minute. In a group they carried out some movement practise, Paul called out a shot and they had to make that imaginary shot getting their feet in the right position. They then practised ‘the cut’, which is returning the serve before playing a short singles game called ‘top step’.

The British Council

In Issue 22 you may have read about our recent recognition from The British Council for our ‘vision to provide pupils with an international education’. They congratulated us on our international dimension and innovative curriculum.

This recognition helps us to collaborate with schools in other countries, exchanging cultural information linked to curriculum-based work in the classroom. We are looking forward to updating you as we collaborate with other Schools around the world!

Virtual Reality

Take a virtual tour around St Bees School by clicking here. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for both the historic buildings, the beautiful grounds and the setting for inspirational teaching and development of every pupil in our care. Thank you to DL Media Services for creating this wonderful video.

Get to Know the School

We have further opportunities to come in and have an informal discussion with us about the range of opportunities on offer, see below for further dates:

  • Monday 11th February – 6.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Tuesday 26th February – 4.30pm – 6.00pm
  • Thursday 28th February – 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Download information leaflet here.


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