Full Circle Newsletter St Bees School Issue 30

This Week at School

Our children have been studying myths and legends in English and were asked to produce a poster showcasing and consolidating features and key ideas of some famous myths and legends. These posters would then be entered into a competition to mark the end of their time studying this area of English.

Miss McDowell and Mrs Wilson were then given the difficult task of choosing 3 of the most distinctive posters and providing feedback to each pupil who entered into the competition. Well done to all for some brilliant work!

This task has provided a smooth transition into non-fiction writing for the pupils. We are looking forward to seeing what they work on next!

If you would prefer to download a PDF of the newsletter you can do so by clicking here.

Weather Readings

During their Outdoor Education and Geography lessons this week our pupils have been learning to take weather readings with Miss Cole.

This was timed perfectly with storm Gareth passing through, giving the pupils a great opportunity to put their knowledge to the test!

Using a range of instruments they have successfully measured and logged data that shows rainfall, wind speed, wind direction and cloud cover. According to measurements taken by the pupils, we experienced 23mm of rainfall during storm Gareth!

Happy Birthday Dr. William Frankland

On behalf of staff, pupils, Full Circle and trustees we would like to wish Dr. William Frankland a very happy birthday.

He is our oldest ‘Old St Beghian’ and will be turning 107 years old on Monday 19th March. His incredible career led him to work alongside Alexander Fleming, serving as a registrar in the development of Penicillin. His pioneering work as an allergist has given us the ‘pollen count’ and the development of many allergy theories.

From us all, Happy Birthday Dr. Frankland!

Toy Swap at Little Learner’s Nursery

On Saturday 16th March from 2pm – 4pm our friends over at Little Learners Nursery (Abotts Court) will be holding a toy swap. Come along with some of your old toys and swap them for another. If you have no toys to swap you are still welcome to go and take an item. All toys must be in good, clean condition and games/puzzles should have all of their pieces. Donations are limited to a maximum of ten items. Any queries please contact amylinton1983@gmail.com.

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