Full Circle Newsletter St Bees School Issue 35

A Special Development

Firstly, we have a new and exciting development to report!

Our first St Bees China School is scheduled to open its doors soon.  This school will run a similar curriculum to St Bees UK and we are already planning how to maximise the benefits of our ‘twin campus’ concept.  In future years this will enable a range of study visits and shared curriculum projects for our students!

We will keep you updated on the progress!

If you would prefer to download a PDF of the newsletter you can do so by clicking here.

5th July – Speech Day/Parent Consultations

The end of the School year is fast approaching and we are marking the occasion with a day to celebrate the success and progress of our students.

A programme will be sent home to parents soon, giving timings for the last day of the summer term (Friday 5th July).

This day will include:

·         Full End-of-Year Reports issued to parents on arrival, with time allocated to read the reports

·         Formal Speech Day, to include a keynote speaker, special guests, presentations to successful students, and demonstrations of students’ achievements in Art, Drama and Music

·         A buffet lunch for parents, students and special guests

·         An opportunity for Individual Parent Consultations with teachers

Parents are requested to make every effort to attend this important day.  Any report not collected on this day will be sent home by post.


We continue to be impressed at the level at which all students are working in their Fusion Maths classes. Yesterday they were working with simultaneous equations, solved graphically – which is normally a GCSE-level task.  What is clear, is that the students are achieving success, building confidence and enjoying the challenge along the way.


Our Art curriculum is blossoming!  Each week students have studied new areas of art and design, which have included art history studies from two well-known exponents of art and design.

The first few weeks have been focused around drawing and painting styles of natural forms and now taking the project further into design development they have created a surface pattern design and will be painting these designs onto calico fabric to them make a tote bag.

We look forward to seeing the finished work!

PE & Sport

We are planning a new PE curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year in collaboration with local sports providers to create a rich and varied sports programme, run by experienced coaches.  Further information will follow.


End of year examinations will take place on 19th, 20th, 21st June.  These will be held formally under examination conditions, and we are presently holding briefings for the students to explore how best to revise.


On the 1st and 2nd July we will be holding a two-day Creative Music Workshop with our students at the School.  The workshop will start with basic fundamentals of musical composing, choosing types and duration of sound, and gradually introducing new elements (such as pitch) to expand and explore more musical features, becoming more complex throughout the workshop.

Students will be simultaneously composing, performing, listening and evaluating. They will take it in turns to conduct the group, building on their creativity, decision and leadership skills and raising confidence.

We encourage a public performance/sharing of the finished product for parents/guardians and teachers to support motivation and sense of achievement.

Canoeing on Bassenthwaite

The students were back on the water, this time on Bassenthwaite!

The students spent the day canoeing with the Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project. A brief stop on the shore of the opposite side of the lake was the perfect location for lunch before heading back to the water.

This was a particular highlight for George who said “I really liked landing on the other side of the lake for our lunch, it felt like we were exploring an island!”

At one point during the trip, the students (and teachers!) were lucky enough to see two Chinook helicopters followed by a couple of jets flying at low level over the lake!

Our Year 7 class is always keen to include a bit of competition. Surproto said, “I enjoyed it when we managed to get the boat to do what we wanted and our raft was travelling better than the girl’s raft!”

A Special Visit

The School hosted a special visit on Friday 17th May. Mr Eddie Ng (former Secretary for Education in the Hong Kong Government) and Mr Johnny Kwan (Real Education Managing Director) visited the School with Mr Danny Wang (Founder and Managing Director of Full Circle Education Group).

Mr Ng and Mr Kwan had a tour of the grounds and facilities, before meeting with the Headmaster, members of the School and Trudy Harrison MP for a presentation.

Mr Ng was then presented with a certificate appointing him as Honorary Advisor to Full Cricle Education Group and St Bees School. Welcome to the team Mr Ng.

It was a pleasure to welcome all to the School.

A Trip to St Bees Lifeboat

We are lucky enough to have our own lifeboat station and dedicated team of RNLI volunteers in St Bees. On Thursday 21st May our students visited the station to learn about the equipment and how the RNLI works to save lives at sea.

The trip included an opportunity to look around and sit in the specially designed amphibious tractor and Atlantic 85 lifeboat ‘Joy Morris MBE’. Here they were taught about how the design features and equipment allows the crew to find and recover casualties whilst keeping all on-board the boat safe.

The students learnt about the kit the crew members wear at sea and even got to try it on!

As well as discussing safety in the water and the importance of the RNLI, they had a brief history lesson about the RNLI and how it came to exist as the charity it is today.

We would like to thank Dick and Colin for their time and showing us around. We would also like to thank the team at St Bees Lifeboat Station for all that they do.

Photos are available on our Facebook page.

OSB Visit

We were delighted to welcome Mr John Swinglehurst back to St Bees School, 70 years after completing his studies with us.

Mr Swinglehurst was on School House from 1945 to 1949. During his time at the School he was a keen cricketer and was part of the 1st XI team. Accompanied by his two sons he had a tour of the School and reminisced about his time here. A particularly special moment was going back into the Chapel, sitting where he sat during his time in the choir and picking out old friends on a school photo taken during his studies.

We all thoroughly enjoyed welcoming him, we also enjoyed seeing him try on a blazer similar to the one he would have worn during his time at the School! Thank you for visiting us Mr Swinglehurst!

Full Circle Acquires Our World English Schools

Full Circle Education Group, our parent company, have recently acquired Our World English Schools.

Our World English Schools was founded by Tony Binns, in 1989, associated with host schools where it runs its summer programs, such as Dulwich College in London and Wycombe Abbey in Buckinghamshire.

Approximately 1,000 children aged 8 to 17 of over 50 nationalities enrol each summer. Programmes include IELTS preparation, soccer with the Chelsea FC Foundation and a Global Young Leaders’ course in debating and critical thinking.

Danny Wang, Managing Director of Full Circle, said, “English Language Training is the backbone of international education. Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, the UK ELT sector offers high-quality teaching and learning experiences that are valued by the world. The successful purchase of Studio Cambridge last year has given us the confidence for further investment in the UK. Our World English Schools is another good example of a solid business with an outstanding reputation and a hugely experienced team.”

Tony Binns said “I could not think of a safer pair of hands for ‘our baby’ than Full Circle; indeed, we see this as a beginning rather than a conclusion. There are many ways in which the already strong Our World brand can benefit from being part of a bigger organisation, and the ethos which is so palpable in Full Circle through Danny Wang and his team aligns perfectly with our own, the emphasis being on education rather than business.”

The Full Circle Education Group is already committed to providing high-quality and innovative education in the K-12 sector. The acquisition of Our World Schools and Studio Cambridge has reinforced this commitment. To explore future opportunities in this area, it has appointed Malcolm Mottram, former CEO of Studio Cambridge, as Director of Business Development for its UK operations. He will be the key person in driving the expansion of Full Circle through acquisitions and partnerships.

A small reception dinner was held in the Houses of Parliament this week to celebrate the deal, with Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland, and Eddie Ng, former Secretary for Education in Hong Kong, among those in attendance.

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