Full Circle Newsletter St Bees School Issue 38

Water Divining

This week we welcomed back a friend of the School, Mr Neil Bettinson. Our students remembered his visit last year when we planted trees to mark the first group of Pioneer students.

This time Mr Bettinson joined us to demonstrate and explain the art of water divining. Water divining is the ability to locate water by walking over an area until the equipment used (in this case L shaped rods) moves to signify the presence of water. There are many theories as to whether this works or not but every student and member of staff who tried it experienced some sort of response from the rods and enjoyed the experience. Students walked around the Quad, and with the help of Mr Bettinson, picked out a line which was actually running water through a drain! Thank you to Mr Bettinson for his time.

If you would prefer to download a PDF of the newsletter you can do so by clicking here.

Eton Fives

Paul from the Eton Fives Association returned to the School this week to coach the students over two afternoons.

This week they worked on serving, cutting and returning the cut. They then had a top-step singles competition and medals were awarded to the best players. A big thank you to Paul for his time and coaching.

More photos are available below: [envira-gallery id=”1696″]

Creative Music Workshop – 1st and 2nd July

On 1st and 2nd July we will hold our creative music workshop which will be an immersion experience for the students with measurable outcomes. We hope to show parents some of the fruits of this workshop at Speech Day.

Fun Sports Afternoon – 2nd July

The Music Workshop finishes at lunchtime on Tuesday 2nd July and we invite all parents to join us thereafter for a buffet lunch and then some fun and games on the sports field.  Students, parents and staff will all share an afternoon of activities designed to allow all of us to have some fun together out on the grass.

Outdoor Education Trip to Muncaster – 4th July

The students will be having a full-day trip to Muncaster Castle and the surrounding area. This trip is designed to provide students with a series of challenges created around outdoor activities..

Speech Day – 5th July

  • 9am – Parents (and students) arrive at school. Parents receive the full-year final report and have time to read and digest. Students engaged with Speech Day briefing.
  • 09:20  (onwards) – Parental consultation with teachers (full details to come).
  • 11:30 – Parents, students, staff and guests attend Speech Day. This is a celebration of our students’ achievements throughout the year. Students will provide short cameos of their creativity, through art, music, drama and public speaking.
  • 13:00 – A buffet lunch is served and students leave with parents thereafter.

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