Full Circle Newsletter St Bees School Issue 39

Sports Day

This week we invited parents, new families, and students, staff, and friends of the School to participate in a sports day to celebrate the final week of the academic year.

The weather was perfect and this was a wonderful opportunity for all to spend time together to celebrate what we have achieved this year. It was also the perfect opportunity for the students to compete against their parents and teachers!

James and Ahmed took up the role of rounders team captains and selected a mixture of parents, students and teachers to make up their teams. After a close game, James’ team were declared the winners.

Volleyball was the next challenge. The students naturally had the upper hand as they have been training with Mrs Hall for the past few weeks, whereas the family/staff team was fresh to the game. After two sets, with one win each (including one embarrassing defeat for the family/staff team), it all came down to the final set – like all good sports stories. Somehow, the family/staff team managed to sort out their coordination to claw it back and win the game outright – just!

Everyone involved had a great afternoon in the sun!

If you would prefer to download a PDF of the newsletter you can do so by clicking here.

Speech Day

On Friday 5th July we marked the end of our first year. The day started with speeches and presentations of awards to students from our guests, Danny Wang, Mayor Mike Starkie, Peter Lever (OSB President).

There was also a musical performance from the students.

Following this, families, guests and staff made their way to the Quad for a buffet and a performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet a tragical comedy’ a play based on the opening chorus: ‘Two houses…’, written by our English and Drama teacher Ms Pink.

The performance was pulled together in class time over the period of a week. Students took on multiple roles for the performance and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in attendance. More photos will follow on the website and Facebook.

We would like to wish our students a very happy summer holiday and we look forward to seeing them again with our new students in September!

6 thoughts on “Full Circle Newsletter St Bees School Issue 39

  1. Hello St Bees School!

    I wonder if you could help me please.
    A few years ago I wrote to the school to ask if you had a plaque or a reference anywhere to one of your previous boarders/students from over a hundred years ago; one William Leefe Robinson.
    William joined the army and then the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War, then rose to considerable nationwide fame after he successfully bought down the first enemy airship over British soil in September 1916. For this action, he was granted the Victoria Cross, the highest award granted for gallantry by this nation.
    Unfortunately, on 31st December 1918 at the tender age of 23, William succumbed to the Influenza pandemic which swept Europe immediately after the war.

    Back to the modern era, I didn’t ever get a finalised answer to whether you have any memorial plaque to his memory at your school. Could anyone please advise?

    Many thanks and with best regards,

    Mike Farrier
    Welwyn Garden City

    1. Hello Mike, thank you for your comment. I am sure we do have a plaque in the Chapel, I have passed on this enquiry to our excellent Old St Beghian and the archive team so they will be able to advise you best regarding this

    1. Hi Rosaline, we will be keeping everyone updated on our website and our social media channels. If you would like to come in and meet with us and the Headmaster you would be more than welcome!

  2. HI Demi – great pics and reports and end of year celebrations. Any chance of posting some photos of Romeo and Juliet taken in the quad?

    1. Thank you Bev, the photos are now sorted and available to view on the ‘Photo Galleries’ page – enjoy!

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