St Bees School Governance Structure

The Trustees of St Bees School have worked hard to find a sustainable future for St Bees School, and having done this, are now here to be a “critical friend” to the school as it develops. However, they are not here to manage the school day to day. All enquiries regarding the school should be addressed here, or via phone on 01946 828000. The strength of the relationship between all elements of the School Management, Board and Trustees is a reassuring guide for future success. For specific queries regarding the Trust, please contact Tom Kelly here.

The relationship between the partnership companies

St Bees School Trust – this is the charitable body whose purpose is to deliver the vision of Archbishop Grindal when he established the school in 1583. We are the current trustees of that vision which is to provide educational boarding for boys and girls, together with education and associated activities for the benefit of the community. Everything that the trustees do is guided by this vision; a vision that has seen centuries of children educated in St Bees and which , after a temporary closure in 2015, is restored again this year.

St Bees Enterprises Ltd – this is the commercial arm of the school who, for example, run the Business Management Centre. All income generated by Enterprises is used for the benefit of the Joint Venture or to maintain Trust assets not used by the school.

Full Circle – are the education partner with a world vision to educate children across the globe, who have partnered with the Trust to reopen the school. Full Circle bring their unique fusion curriculum which harnesses the best of the East and West.

Their vision is wholly in tune with that of Archbishop Grindal. The synergy with the Trust’s vision and mission is remarkable, and long term it will see future generations of students leave the school ready for the modern world and equipped with all the character resilience that requires.

St Bees School Management Company Limited – Using the abbreviation St Bees School, this is the Limited Company who manage and operate the school.

This company employs the staff and will be the entity registered to the Department of Education. Through the school’s lead team they have accountability for all day to day operations across the school campus, whether that be educational, sporting activities or other commercial activity.

Ultimately the school will be self-sustaining financially. In the intervening period, that financial input is provided by the Trust and Full Circle