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St Bees has over 400 years of noble heritage as one of England’s oldest schools — and the new St Bees draws its traditions from these deep roots. Situated on the fringe of the stunning Lake District UNESCO World Heritage Site, St Bees offers unrivalled education and boarding for ages 11-18.

With this unique setting and background, here at St Bees, we have our educational eyes firmly fixed on future horizons.

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Parent Feedback


  • The first term has changed my child in such a positive way and I am convinced that the school is well prepared for its future path.

    St Bees has not only changed my child but has also had a positive impact on our family life. We feel that the St Bees team are part of our new family.

    Parent of a Year 8 Student

  • St Bees is a boarding school that I would like to recommend to others. In conversations with other parents, I have noticed that the things I take for granted at St Bees are less common at other schools.

    Parent of a Boarding Student

  • I had some expectations of St Bees in terms of the positive impact the school would have on our child. However, no one expected that there would be such a big change after the first term.

    Our expectations have been far exceeded! Of course, there are still a few things that need to be addressed so that my child will be well prepared for the rest of schooling. 

    Parent of a Year 7 Student

  • I love what these kids get up to at the weekend!

    St Bees life could just be the best life for these youngsters.

    Parent of a Year 11 Boarding Student


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