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Dear Friends of St Bees School,

The big day finally arrived on Thursday 6th September! The countdown clock on the website ticked down to zero. Our pupils arrived. The school is open!

Forgive a slightly different format to this newsletter – but we are sure you will agree that these are rather special times! We have received so many personal messages of support through Twitter, Facebook, email and yes – even the occasional letter by post. Thank you so much for the extraordinary warmth and encouragement that you have given to us as we worked towards this big day. It has been so heartening. It was wonderful to welcome our pupils and their parents into school. The children went to their classroom base to meet the other pupils, and there was a real buzz of excitement in the air. A feeling of what is to come in the next chapter.  To download newsletter in PDF click here.

St Bees School Independent Education Cumbria Opening Day 2018_1Our Headmaster, Mr Gareth Seddon, led the first assembly in chapel. Pupils, parents, staff and trustees attended. Mr Seddon barely had the time to get the
first words out before there was a spontaneous round of applause – a moment of celebration to mark this special day. Whilst highlighting extraordinary
moments in world history from the last 435 years, he illustrated how the school has existed during all of the major events and advances across the centuries.

He demonstrated this brilliantly with a piece of string! We will attempt to give you more detail on this at some point soon – it really was inspiring and fun.

This outline served as a wonderful reminder of just how long this has been a place of learning. Mr Seddon stressed how important our Pioneer pupils are, and how they are now a unique part of this first point on the string of the next 400+ years of St Bees School. It was a great moment to stop and reflect, and whilst warmly acknowledging and thanking those who had the courage to persist in their determination to restore the school to its rightful status – OPEN – he reminded us of the need to look forwards to exciting times ahead, and all that we can achieve together.

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The pupils then had an action packed day, which included a detailed induction, and a session on expectations. There were lessons in Chinese and Fusion maths, and there was even time to take the pupils down to the beach, where they had an impromptu geology lesson, and helped to promote a new ocean initiative. More on that in another issue!St Bees School Independent Education Cumbria Opening Day 2018 (129)

It was a terrific first day, and I think there were some very tired but happy pupils and staff at the end of the first week! Now it is time for us all to focus on the term ahead.  Thank you again to all who have supported us along this journey.

On to other exciting developments. The introduction of our ISP programme, and (following a busy Summerfest), you can read about the launch of Autumnfest this October, which ends with a Hallowe’en party!

Forwards with confidence, as ever! Mike Abraham

Individual Study Programme – A Level and IGCSE Courses

We are excited to announce a new programme available from 17th September 2018.

Through a close collaboration with Open Study College, AQA and Edexcel, St Bees is proud to offer 19 A Level courses [2 year programme] and 11 IGCSE courses [1 or 2 year programme].

Studying for an A Level or IGCSE with the St Bees Individual Studies Programme (ISP) is similar to studying in a sixth form classroom environment. Students will cover the same topics, are assessed in the same way and will receive the same qualification.

What differentiates the St Bees programme is it is tailored to each student, allowing each individual to excel at their own pace but with supportive guidance.

The timetable is complemented by interaction with your personal tutor, and students will be able to take the “Extended Project Qualification”, helping them to prepare for the next stage of academic and working life. Focus on problem-solving, effective revision and critical thinking will also be highly beneficial, and help to prepare for life after school.

Our Course Director is Phil Garner MEd; BEd; MCCT. Mr Garner was a Headteacher for 15 years, and was the founding Headteacher of Newcastle School for Boys. He has taught in two high schools in the United States of America and works closely with several, prestigious universities in the USA. We are delighted that he is leading this programme for St Bees School.

Find out more about the Individual Studies Programme by downloading a  PDF copy of our brochure here, or by viewing it online here. Do get in touch with us via email if you would like to come and look around.

If reading a paper copy of newsletter, head to website and visit Individual Studies Programme on School dropdown menu.

How exciting that from next week we will be welcoming our first students for the ISP course


Last but not least, on the next page we include the update on Summerfest, and the fabulous Autumnfest planned for October half term. Great way to keep your four to fifteen year olds entertained. Get in touch with Ann to reserve your places. Take a look here.

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  1. Great news that the school is back in business. Well done to everyone who has helped the school to make this amazing comeback, and best wishes to all staff and students.

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