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When the Children met Danny Wang (Group Managing Director of Full Circle)

It is always good for our pupils to meet new people, find out about who they are and what they do, and maybe take some inspiration from what they learn. The opportunity to meet Danny Wang, the Managing Director of the Full Circle Group, arose when Danny visited St Bees School this week: the children were quick to work out who he was and quiz him on everything from education to travel to his musical preferences!

Being in the spotlight in front of an audience with no idea what they will ask next is not the easiest thing in the world (especially as we seem to have some expert questioners!) but Danny was a good sport and did a great job in fielding everything which was thrown at him. The children and Danny learned a lot about each other, and the children were engrossed listening to Danny’s ideas for them to visit China in years to come, so watch this space…

Gareth Seddon

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Meet the Teachers – Miss Cole

Those of you that follow our social media will have seen images of the children out on trips with our Lead Teacher for Outdoor and Adventurous Education, Rosie Cole. At St Bees School, outdoor education is an integral part of our Fusion Curriculum in helping to develop the character of our pupils. We hope you enjoy this feature and you can find out more about our outdoor education programme on our upcoming Open Day, 24th November.

What inspired you to teach Outdoor Activities?

In discussion with Headmaster, Gareth Seddon and Iain Riley (Director of Education at Full Circle) I mentioned that teaching might be in my genes as a large number of my family are teachers.​ However, it wasn’t until I worked at an outdoor centre on the beautiful Dorset coast that my passion for teaching began. The experience of teaching adventurous outdoor activities from climbing and abseiling to A-Level biology fieldwork on the rocky shore sparked my interest in education. It was from here that I decided to teach and completed a secondary science PGCE at Cambridge University.  The experience of working with young people also taught me a lot about myself. I did not consider myself to be particularly outgoing and confident but I found that teaching, especially outdoor education, just worked for me.

What have you been up to outside of teaching?

I have climbed a 6478m mountain in Nepal and traversed the Cuillin Ridge (Isle of Skye).  In 2015 I moved to the Lake District. I love that I now live, work, and play in one of the best places in the world (in my humble opinion!). In my spare time you will probably find me ticking off my latest Wainwright summit (33 to go) or in my kitchen cooking.

What excites you about delivering these lessons to our Pioneer pupils?

I am really excited about being able to enthuse the St Bees School pupils about outdoor activities​, especially hill walking given our proximity to the Lake District with its spectacular range of mountains. The pupils can experience the perfect mix of physical challenges combined with a social element whilst being surrounded by incredible views of dramatic valleys, ridges, and lakes. The fact that we can learn about geographical features, gain and hone map reading skills, and work on personal development all in an outdoor setting is such a fantastic opportunity – I believe I have the best job… ever!



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