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Keeping Busy During Half Term

Just because it is half term and there are no children or teachers in the school doesn’t mean that St Bees School isn’t busy! We have a lot going on this week. The new St Bees School prospectus is almost ready for press, and we are also busy planning our exciting Open Day which will be on the 24th November. This week we have begun registering new starters for September 2019 and welcoming youngsters through our doors for educational assessments. These are a great way to gauge a child’s reading age and IQ. The assessments are free of charge, a lot of fun and take no more than 80 minutes. We run assessments throughout the term, and do this at the convenience of the children and their family.

We have also been kept very busy with visitors coming in to say hello, and offering their support.

Mr Robert Middleton

This week we were very fortunate to welcome Mr Robert Middleton. Mr Middleton is an OSB who visited with his wife and granddaughter Emily Dodd.  Robert started his school career here in 1950, term 3 when he was twelve years old. During their tour with our office manager Helen, Robert shared some fantastic anecdotal tales about his time here as a boy – his nickname was ‘Carthorse’ –  and it became evident that he had been a bit of a  prankster in his day. Every corner of the campus had a story to tell for Robert. It was a happy occasion, especially for his wife and granddaughter who saw where he had spent so much of his happy childhood.  His visit made us all smile, and his funny stories were told as though they had happened only yesterday.

We are hopeful that Robert and family might return again for the Open Day on Saturday 24th November. He might enjoy viewing the historical artefacts from the School and village that we plan to have on display. We do hope so!

Mary Young, Marketing

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Today we come to the end of our first Autumnfest and it has been such fun, and the feedback already received is great! Thank you!

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have the Sellafield CNC dog unit in for a search demonstration. The dogs were a huge hit with the children (and staff!) and we hope to welcome them back again in the future. We would like to say a big thank you to them for joining us.

On Wednesday the children were visited by BugsNStuff who brought creepy crawlies including a giant African snail, millipedes, stick insects, a snake, a tarantula, a cane toad and a scorpion!

On Thursday 25th our “Autumnfesters” perfected their pumpkin design and carving skills with great care from staff. Today (Friday) we round the week off with a Hallowe’en party and disco! Frightening but fun stuff!

We look forward to seeing everyone back for the next holiday event.

Important dates!

St Bees School Half Term: 22nd October – 2nd November

Open day: 24th November 10am—12 noon

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