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St Bees School Fees

At St Bees School we provide students with a unique education. Through a Fusion Curriculum, they fulfil and exceed their potential in their journey to become global citizens.

Our intensive teaching timetable means that our students receive an additional 72 days of teaching a year compared to state schools.

Our school fees are inclusive of tuition, textbooks and meals, where appropriate, and are reviewed each academic year. Announcements are formally made in June.

St Bees are proud to offer financial assistance with fees in the form of a means-tested bursary. In addition, a number of scholarships are available each year — for academic merit, as well as sporting and character promise.

Registration Fee for all applicants: £100

UK Students

Years 7 – 8

Per TermPer Year
Flexi£75 / night£75 / night

Years 9 – 12

Per TermPer Year
Flexi£75 / night£75 / night

Non-UK Students

Years 7 – 8

Per TermPer Year

Years 9 – 12

Per TermPer Year

Scholarships and Bursaries

The school offers financial support to a limited number of pupils in the following ways. Parents who wish their children to be considered for any form of financial support are urged to apply at the very earliest opportunity. Funds are limited and the allocation for each year cannot be exceeded.


Scholarships are awarded by the Headmaster on merit and are accompanied by specific obligations of the scholarship holder.

Pupils who apply for a scholarship are invited to visit the school for assessment and interview.

Due to their highly prestigious nature, only a small number of scholarship awards are made each year.  Scholarships are contingent on high standards of behaviour, fulsome support for the aims and ethos of the school and the capacity of the award holder to act as an ambassador for the school in all that they do.

Pioneer Award Scheme

The Pioneer Award Scheme is a new initiative here at St Bees. We want to find children in the North West who have potential but might not have the means to attend an Independent School. We are offering the opportunity to unlock the path to their future.

Scholarships and awards are often thought to be related to academic success. Not at St Bees. The Pioneer Award Scheme recognises potential. Potential in anything. Sports, Music, Drama, Art, Debating, etc. At St Bees, there are no limits.

Ten scholarship places are available, with awards valuing up to 50%. Offers will be based upon exceptional performance in the Admissions Exams in addition to an interview with the Head. Exams will take place on Saturday 16th November at St Bees School.

Just need to drop us an email or give us a ring (01946 828000) and let us know your child is coming in November. We’ll then see you on the day!


Bursaries are financial support given to pupils who would not otherwise be able to attend the school.  Bursaries are always means tested.

Other fee remission

10% fee remission for second and subsequent sibling fees.

5% fee remission for the children and grandchildren of Old St Beghians.

Members of the armed forces are encouraged to enquire about the financial support we can offer in support of their children’s education at St Bees School.

Financial arrangements between parents and school are strictly confidential.  Where an award is made, it is expressly agreed that the value will not be disclosed by parents to any third party.  Failure to abide by this strict expectation forfeits eligibility for remission or financial support with immediate effect.

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