Old St Beghian Society Speech Day Treasure Hunt Questions.

As part of our Speech Day celebrations, OSB President, Peter Lever, has created a St Bees Treasure Hunt for our current students and their parents.


All student entries to be returned to Mr Gribble by the first day of next term.

A £25 voucher to the winner (most correct answers). In the event of a tie, there will be a draw made by the Headmaster.


Sadly, there won’t be a prize for anyone wishing to take part who hasn’t been part of the Speech Day celebrations.

However, please feel free to submit your answers to our Facebook page via private message and compare your scores on the Treasure Hunt post!

  1. I arrived in St Bees School the year of the Cuban missile crisis. How many Boarding Houses were there at St Bees that year? How many girl pupils were there?
  2. Who founded the OSB Society. What position did the founder hold.? Who was the 1st Society President?
  3. The Editor of the OSB Bulletin in 2000 was D.E.Lyall, he had been a master at school teaching mathematics. His daughter also attended St Bees School. She still lives in the village and has a connection with School. What is her married surname?
  4. The OSBS London Dinners are held at which famous London Club?
  5. Public Schools hold an annual team golf tournament. St Bees enter a team in this competition. On which famous golf course is the tournament played?
  6. A famous actor, notorious as a certain Captain Blackadder, was not the only member of his family to attend St Bees. Which other members of his family came to St Bees? What were their Christian names?
  7. A question in three parts:
    How many Old St Beghian’s died in the 2nd Word War?
    What building was erected at St Bees in their memory?
    Air Chief Marshall Sir Augustus Walker was a famous Old St Beghian from the 2nd World War. How was he affectionately known?
  8. In the 20th Century, one of the vicars of St Bees had a brother who was the Dean of Hong Kong before becoming the Bishop of Birmingham. What was the surname of these two brothers? This Bishop of Birmingham was involved in annual Remembrance Day celebrations. What role did he take?
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