Our Alumni

Our Alumni

Here you will find the inspirational stories of some of our alumni, or Old St Beghians (OSBs).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are spotlighting some of our amazing alumni frontline staff who are playing their part in saving lives, keeping us safe and supporting the community during these worrying times. We are extremely proud.

Dr. Craig Melrose (F 83-90)

I was at St Bees between 1983 and 1990, what probably sounds like a long time ago to many reading this, but feels like yesterday to me.

St Bees gave me the education and opened my mind to the possibility of achieving my ambition to be a Doctor. I was fortunate to get to study medicine at Leicester University. I spent 6 years there. I wanted to return to work in Cumbria and after medical school returned to train to be a GP in Wigton and the Cumberland Infirmary.
Since qualifying as a GP I have had the opportunity to have a very varied career in practice at Brampton, in Carlisle and with Cumbria Health On Call as their Medical Director.
I am currently working as Clinical Director in the A+E departments in Carlisle and Whitehaven. I took on the role just before we learned the word Covid! It has been one of the most challenging times, but at the same time very worthwhile working as part of a fantastic team of really dedicated people. Together the teams are doing amazing things for our community!
The academic lessons I learned at St Bees got me to University to study medicine, the life lessons I learned as part of the community at school gave me the resilience and the grounding to work effectively with our A+E team and to do the job we do together. I hope that the students at St Bees today will reap the same benefits I did and go on to enjoy fulfilling their ambitions whatever they may be!

Dr Craig Melrose (F 83-90)

Captain Jeremy Davey (SH 79-86)

I’m Army – Royal Corps of Signals, to be precise. Although my day job is in IT, I’m also a Reservist – Captain Davey, 254 Sqn (SGIS) R SIGS.
As well as all the NHS heroes and heroines on the front line, and the incredible scientists working every hour God sends to produce a vaccine, we also have troops on the front line building Nightingale Hospitals, supporting the testing system (let’s not forget all those who turned out to test the truckers in Kent on Christmas Day), and leaning in in support of the nation.
My job has been to support the Army with it’s work to manage all these Operations. Essentially I’ve been helping make sure those running the show have all the information they need at their fingertips. Many of us – myself included – have been on standby for mobilisation in case it all got even worse, and thank goodness that hasn’t been needed.
It is a battle. And it’s a battle we’ll win. Hang in there, everyone!

Captain Jeremy Davey (SH 79-86)

Dougal Southward (SH 76-84)

I am a consultant in Emergency Medicine (A&E), and we watched the virus cross from China into Europe and watched the Italy experience with concern.

I had the unenviable task of contacting the first positive cases in the Stockton Area as no public health process had been set up.  

We had to change our department round and have had further changes and building work since, it is now unrecognisable. We spent 10 weeks working a Covid rota where we each did 4 days of clinical work then 4 days off. 

As things returned to normal in the summer we were still and are still having to treat all patients as possible sources of covid infection.
I am also the Medical,Officer for Durham WFC and as elite sport has returned I have taken the role of covid medical officer, working with the club covid officer to create and approve covid policies and to review all covid tests which are done weekly as well as advise and coordinate any positive symptoms and test results. 

Dougal Southward (SH 76-84)

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