The boys and girls of St Bees School enjoy the support of a committed and highly skilled pastoral support team. We know the importance of having a wide choice of people to turn to, not only in times of need, but generally in day to day life.

At St Bees, we are committed to enabling the children to develop:
• self-discipline and reason
• courtesy and respect for others
• self-esteem and independence of mind

We do this by:
• Forming strong relationships and working partnerships with parents from their first enquiry to the school and throughout their school career
• Ensuring that we understand the achievements and challenges of every child
• Taking time to help every child review their approach, programme and progress and to identify ways to help them to move forward
• Employing staff who share the school’s commitment to care
• Creating a safe and supportive environment for every child
• Ensuring that every child learns from setbacks and mistakes through the supportive pastoral system
• Acting swiftly to ensure that inappropriate or anti-social behaviour is dealt with firmly but fairly
• Emphasising the importance of community through, integration in village life, assemblies and chapel services
• Providing regular and informative feedback to parents.