St Bees in China

Find out about St Bees in China – our twin campus approach to global education.

We are opening up the world

Many other schools, especially Independent and Boarding schools, having sibling sites abroad. But at St Bees, our twin campus approach is revolutionary.

The first St Bees School China, in Shijiazhuang, will open in September 2020 with 
200 students yet with a capacity of 1,500-2,000.  In partnership with our thriving St Bees School in the UK, the two will co-exist as one entity and follow our unique fusion curriculum.

From here, a free-flow of education will exist.  As the two schools run their curricula in parallel, students will be given the opportunities and encouraged to spend half a term, a term or half a year at St Bees China, and vice versa.

They will seamlessly pick up the curriculum wherever they study. A true global exchange — and something that will prepare all St Bees students for that global world.

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