St Bees School Enters Next Positive Phase of Development

Press Release: St Bees School enters the next positive phase of development

St Bees School is pleased to announce that at this key time in its development, the senior leadership team is being strengthened by an experienced international educationalist, Mr Roger Sinnett.

From 18 March, Mr Sinnett will take up the post of Headmaster at St Bees School. He will continue to drive forward the positive growth of the school, based on the global vision of Full Circle Education Group, and grounded in the history and tradition of over four centuries of Edmund Grindal’s own vision.

The school will continue to offer a personalised education to students from West Cumbria, the UK, and the wider world. Local students will have access to first rate education with global opportunities, engaging daily with students from around the world.

Roger Sinnett st bees school Mr Sinnett started his educational career in UK independent schools, before becoming Headmaster of the British International School Berlin. After 6 years in Germany, he spent 10 years in Shanghai as a Principal and Director of Education, setting up and running schools, kindergartens and training schools. In 2016, he became Director of Education for Full Circle Education and pioneered the group’s Fusion Curriculum. Mr Sinnett was a key member of the team that re-established education here, and was a director of the Board until September 2018. With his understanding of the new St Bees School and his key role in building Full Circle Education Group, his British background and international experience, there is no one better placed to lead the school into this new phase of development.

Gareth Seddon will continue to manage the academic dimension of the school and has been instrumental in successfully piloting the school during its opening phase, the Ofsted inspection and laying the foundations for ongoing development.

An open day will take place on Saturday 30 March to showcase the opportunities available to prospective families. This will be a chance for all to understand and find out more about the future growth of St Bees School and the benefits of the school’s unique educational provision going forward. Register interest in the Open Day here.

Full Circle Education Group and the Trust are proud to have achieved their primary combined objective of opening the school. Thanks go to the whole school team, the pioneer pupils and their families and all members of the community who have supported it through the last few years.

Full Circle is excited by the progress of the school and remains committed to supporting it through positive management and financial investment. St Bees School will continue to grow, and the team is most appreciative of the strong support that is evident from so many people within community and business. We move forwards with confidence.


Contact Information: 
Please send enquiries for the attention of Mr Roger Sinnett. These will be forwarded via contact details below until 18 March. Thereafter, Mr Sinnett will be available directly at St Bees School.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1946 828000



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