St Bees School Newsletter – Full Circle Issue 1

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I wish you a warm welcome to the first issue of Full Circle, our weekly newsletter. Each week, I will update you on the latest developments from our school and share my thoughts as we prepare for the grand opening in September.

What a week it has been! I don’t know who to feel greater sympathy for – the German football team or Eoin Morgan! Germany, the defending World Cup champions, managed to sustain a dismal defeat against Mexico, much to everyone’s surprise.  And poor old Eoin Morgan, the English cricket captain, had to face the cameras after the shock trouncing of his cricket one-day side by Scotland. Sporting results don’t always follow the book.

The school continues to resonate with the sound of laughter and squeals from the children using the swimming pool. Over 300 children now use the pool weekly, and our cricket pitch is also hosting local teams when the weather is kind enough, of course.

St Bees School Senior Leadership Team 2018 Private School CumbriaWe have spent the last week meeting a number of parents and children, and talking through the recent school leadership changes. Some families are already signed up for a September start and some are meeting us for the first time, chatting through our plans and aspirations. It was great to see them all in school, sharing our passion for the bright future ahead at St Bees.

Gradually, the scaffolding that has enclosed much of the school for the last four months is coming down. Classrooms are being renovated, painted and equipped for use by our pioneering pupils. It is so exciting as this all takes shape, and we look forward to being able to show parents precisely where their children will be taught in September.

We are also looking forward to welcoming the new teachers who have been appointed to St Bees. Next Friday, Mr Seddon, our Head will be meeting the teachers and they together will be laying their plans for the new academic year. We will be holding an Induction  Day for pupils on July 4th and we are looking forward to getting      together the pupils and as many of the new staff as we can.  I am sure that it’s going to be a great day at school, with a few surprises  in store for everyone!

That’s enough from me for this first edition of our newsletter. I will introduce the members of the whole school team, including myself, over the coming weeks. You will be amazed just how many people are working away behind the scenes to ensure that everything is in place, and perfect, for September 6th!

Forwards with confidence!

Mike Abraham


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