St Bees School Newsletter – Full Circle Issue 2

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28th June 2018

Thank you so much for all the messages of support that have come into HQ over the last week. It is lovely to see the impact of all the positive messages emanating from school. As you will see we welcomed the new teaching staff here over the last week and they were all impressed on the progress that has been made to date. We also continued to welcome new parents into the school just curious about all that is happening. And of course if you are curious do feel free to come and have a good look to see what we have been getting up to! A warm welcome awaits!
We also welcome Laurence Gribble back to the school. Laurence, is a former pupil of St Bees and a member of the Full Circle team and it is his commitment and passion for the school that has helped ensure our opening on September 6th. Yes September 6th – our grand opening day. I wonder if the weather will hold until then.
We are busy laying our final plans for the Induction Day for our new pupils on Wednesday 4th July. We also have a Super Learning Day hosted by Phil Garner on Thursday 5th July. I have no doubt that both days will be action packed with a few surprises and most importantly, the school will once again be filled with the happy and uplifting sound of children’s voices. Exciting!
It has been quite an extraordinary summer so far. I do just about remember the summer of 1976 and this one has a similar feel; long hot sunny days without end! We do rather deserve this extended summer having survived such a cold, snowy and prolonged winter. When do you think the first drought warning will be announced? Just need to pop home in a moment to water the hanging baskets. Happy days!
Forwards with confidence!
Mike Abraham

We have worked hard to put together the best possible teaching team here at St Bees School, and it was great to be able to welcome new colleagues when we all got together for the
first time last week.
Rosie Cole will lead our Outdoor Education provision. She has a wealth of experience in the field having previously worked for Cumbria County Council and the Field Studies Council, as well as teaching Science to GCSE and Geography to A level. She is particularly interested in character development and in fostering in young people a love of the natural world.
Vanessa Hall joins us to teach Mathematics, Physics and Computing. An engineering graduate, she held management positions in engineering and manufacturing before entering teaching; she is also director of a charity helping children and families in West Cumbria.
Beverley Pink has taught English, Drama and Theatre Studies in the UK and Singapore, as well as working as a reporter and editor in the media. She is currently an examiner for English at both GCSE and A level. She
has a particular interest in Asian cultures and is sure to be a great asset to the team.
Amy Zhang has worked as a journalist and radio host in China, and in promoting Chinese language and culture both in China and the UK. She has great experience in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages and is sure to bring a new dimension to life at St Bees School.
Gareth Seddon

Get to Know Gareth

This week we put some questions to our Headmaster Gareth Seddon, have a read of what he had to say below:Gareth Seddon Head St Bees School Independent Education Cumbria sports grounds
1. St Bees is a very interesting area of Cumbria, what attracted you to the village and School?
“My wife and I first came to St Bees in 1989 whilst visiting West Cumbria on holiday for the first time. We were driving along the coast, saw a sign for St Bees, and followed it. We have been coming back to West Cumbria each year ever since so the opportunity to work in St Bees was an obvious attraction. The opportunity to be part of the new St Bees School, especially given its international links, was one not to be missed. “
2. What inspires you to come in to the School every morning?
“Working with a team of people all so very keen to get the school open and working at the heart of the community again. There is always a lot to do, and satisfaction to be gained from moving things forward.”
3. How are you finding life in the village? Any favourite places?
“Simply brilliant. The beach and the coast path and the priory are obvious attractions, a simple walk through the village is great. It’s nice to bump into people and say ‘Hello’. “
4. We’ve had hints that you’re a cricket fan, what other sports do you enjoy?
“Watching or playing? Former football referee, County assessor, and FA Licensed Referee Instructor. Speedway fan from a very early age. I love the tactical discipline of American football. Basketball is fantastic to watch court side.“
5. Beyond cricket and the sports you have mentioned above, what are your pas-sions outside of the school?
“Anything to do with languages, particularly following the media in French, Italian, and Spanish. I am a keen military historian specialising in the British experience of the First World War, so I do lots of reading and research in that area. I was fortunate enough to study under some of the great revisionist historians of our time, and I maintain those links. I play guitar, and am learning Spanish Flamenco style at the moment.
6. And finally, what do you want to see the school achieve in the next 5 years ?
“ I want to see the school fill up with happy children across all year groups and become central to the communities of St Bees and West Cumbria. I want us to provide quality in everything we do, and give valuable experiences to our young people to take forward into life as successful individuals and good citizens. Most of all, I want everybody to enjoy life at St Bees School.

Katy Can and Katy Did!

KatyCan St Bees School NewsletterKaty Taylor-Hamilton is a local who is both loved and well known by the residents of St Bees. In January 2017 after a selfless and brave decision from the family of her donor, Katy was given the gift of a new heart. Katy has been going from strength to strength since, raising awareness of organ donation along the way. But she doesn’t stop there, after using the fields at the school for some of her training, Katy recently returned to the village with two silver medals after representing Team GB at the European Heart and Lung Transplant Games in Lignano, Italy. The two silver medals were won in the 4km Cross Country and the 100m race. She also received a participant medal for playing Pétanque. All of this just 17 months
after a heart transplant. We would like to congratulate Katy for her achievements and for continuing to inspire us all.

We wish you the best for your training and the British Transplant Games in Birmingham in July.

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