St Bees School Newsletter – Full Circle Issue 5

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140718 St Bees School Hosts Women in Cumbria Suffrage Flag Event_24

Isn’t it just typical! The children break up from school and it then rains! I have to say that it was rather nice rain this week; it was that warm rain often associated with Mediterranean countries and yes this was Cumbria 2018! Hopefully this is merely a brief cloudy interlude in our glorious summer!

School is once again alive to the sound of children’s shrieks and laughter.  The Summerfest team led by our own Commercial Manager Ann Stott has an action packed programme ready for the children. I saw an ingenious game of football rounders being played yesterday. The children seemed to be having a great time. I can’t wait to see the circus skills activities on Thursday. My thanks to Ann for providing such a wonderful programme.

I was really saddened to read of the primary school down south that is being investigated due to alleged irregularities in the administration of the SATS papers. The pressure on schools and their pupils to perform has become almost intolerable. Targets appear to be set with no acknowledgement of the different abilities and development of the children; they are all unique and their special talents should be celebrated!  We do seem to have lost sight of the essence of education.

Avid readers of Full Circle will know that the Board met at school last week. Danny Wang arrived last Wednesday and spent three days with us looking at all that had been achieved. Without his considerable investment in the school, the project would have floundered. With it, we go forwards with confidence. I am tremendously grateful for his commitment and enthusiasm. Thank you.

The results of the first Challenge will be in next week’s exciting edition of Full Circle. However, here is another – just to keep you going.

How can this sum possibly be right? And yes I marked it!

34 + 12 = 101

I know it looks bonkers! Can you find a solution?

Children if you are keen to discuss, always happy to chat. Just make an appointment and we can unlock the mysteries of numbers!

Forwards with confidence!

Mike Abraham

Get to Know Jayne

Jayne Scott (left) with Claire Gallery-Strong of WiN Cumbria at the Suffrage event.

Welcome to part two of our ‘Get to Know…’ section. We’ve already heard from Gareth, so at the end of another busy week we sat down for a chat with Jayne Scott, our Director of Finance  and Operations.

Your official title is ‘Director of Finance and Operations’, but we know this covers so many aspects of running the school. How would you summarise your day to day role?

I see myself and my team as a support service for the school and school community. We are constantly on the go and no day is the same. My primary responsibilities are the estates, finance and admin. However, this role will change when the School opens and is in full operation we will become responsible for compliance supplemented with first aid and the day to day logistics of the School.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your role to date?

I think the most rewarding aspect has to be the realisation that we will open on September 6th, we still have a lot to do but we will open.

What attracted you to St Bees? Are you enjoying village life?

Anybody in the education world knew about St Bees and were shocked when the school closed. I was living in Ghana when the phone call came in about the St Bees project. I was really flattered to be asked to be part of it. As for village life, I am loving it. I’ve made some very special friends in the 10 months I have been here so far. Who wouldn’t want to end their day with a walk along the beach?

In the office we know you do a lot for charity, would you like to tell us a little bit more about that?

I have a few charities close to my heart for different reasons. I will be cycling London to Paris with my friend who I have previously completed the Coast to Coast with, as part of a group of 150 people. We will be doing this in aid of Hospice at Home, this is a charity I was previously a trustee for. Our aim is to arrive hopefully the day before the Tour de France begins.

Jayne (right) and Carol (left) on their bike ride.

When I was in Ghana I worked with DUNK (Developing Unity, Nurturing Knowledge) which was a charity set up to help children in a ghetto called Jamestown (a former British fort before independence), I would go there three times a week to teach or raise money. I pay for two Ghanaian children to go to school and helped a single mother set up a business selling eggs. I paid her rent for two years and she now earns enough money to support herself and her two children. Equipment from the school kitchens, which has been removed as part of the refurbishing process have been sent over to Ghana to help set up a community kitchen. I have also worked closely with The Reverend Becky Gibbs on the Bras for Ghana campaign which saw over 400 items of underwear sent directly over to help women living in Accra ghettos.

The School’s old kitchen equipment being shipped over to Ghana

I am a bit of an animal nut, I have my beloved pets, each rescued. Sam was rescued here in the UK, she is a Dalmatian; then I have the three cats, Paddington (rescued from Singapore), Link (rescued from Ghana) and Midnight (rescued from Romania).

What are your interests beyond the charity work you have mentioned above?

I am a Formula One fan, but I also read a lot. I love walking, cycling and I am an avid scuba diver with 300+ dives so far.


We’ve reached the end of the first week of Summerfest, we’ve had swimming, circus school and we still have two weeks left:

  • 30th July – 3rd August
  • 20th August – 24th August

Limited places are available for both weeks.

For any enquiries or to book please contact: or call us on 01946 828000.

The cost is £125 per week (5 days). An early and late club is available at an additional charge of £5 per session.

Students performing at the Circus School


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