St Bees School Newsletter – Full Circle Issue 7

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St Bees School Parent Handbook v5

It has been another hectic week at school, as I am sure you can imagine. We continue to polish and shine the jewel that is St Bees. Members of staff have been preparing their classrooms and making sure that everything is shipshape for September. Stocks of new textbooks are arriving almost daily and we are awaiting the new student planners, which should arrive on Monday. It is all getting very exciting! You can download this newsletter in PDF here, or read on….

St Bees School Parent Handbook v5The Parent Handbook was also published last week and so, by now, all parents should have received their copies. If anyone else would like to have a copy of our handbook, please do not hesitate to contact school and request one. Just drop us an email here.

It was exciting to hear this week that the Americans are launching a probe to explore the outer reaches of the sun. There are so many unexplained mysteries, including the question of how the tongues of fire which extend out of the Sun can be so much hotter than the core? It all seems counter-intuitive. Of course, my mind immediately returns to the Thunderbirds episode where Scott Tracey so bravely rescued the astronauts on the last Sun Probe. This latest American adventure, is of course, unmanned, so not the same at all!

There are lots of other unexplained mysteries, like why do dogs like to fetch a stick, but cats do not?

We are looking forward to hosting the St Bees Garden Show next weekend and we will also be represented at the Gosforth Show. If you have a moment to visit us at either event, do not hesitate to come and say hello. Lets hope that the weather holds for the coming weekend.

We are also looking forward to the next visit of Danny Wang, the CEO of Full Circle Education. He will be joining us for the latest Board Meeting which takes place in the week of August 20th.

Forwards with confidence!
Mike Abraham

Our Weekly Challenge 

And just for a change, here is a rather different challenge. Can you write a story in no more

than 150 words? The subject – well of course. The journey to the Sun!

All entries may either be emailed in  to or, if they are handwritten, they can be posted to:

St Bees School

Wood Lane

St Bees

CA27 0DS

Summerfest at St Bees School

We have had a lovely write-up in the News & Star recently covering our Summerfest activities.

You can read the article here.

The children have been swimming in the pool at School, they have played Tri-Golf and held their own mini Olympics.

We have one week left of Summerfest, commencing 20th August. Limited spaces are still available so if you would like to join in the fun please contact us at:



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