St Bees School Newsletter – Full Circle Issue 3

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11th July 2018

I don’t know how many people have that tremendous book produced by the great Tom Kelly back in 2015. It is called Memories of St Bees School 2015. It captures so many happy memories of the thriving school here at St Bees. On the penultimate page is written this touching sentence. ‘We wait for the sound of laughter and joy in our corridors again.’

Gareth Seddon and his St Bees team were the lucky ones to hear this sound again. Throughout Wednesday and Thursday, the sounds of laughter and joy bounced off the walls of the classrooms, corridors and across the sports field.
Wednesday saw the first of our induction days, when a first group of our pioneering pupils gathered to meet and experience at first hand education St Bees 2018 style. The day flew by but by the end friendships were begun that will, I know, last a lifetime.

Super Learning Day with Phil Garner July 2018 St Bees SchoolOn Thursday, most of our pioneers were joined by pupils from nearby schools who came to enjoy, is that the right word, a Super Learning Day. One of my old pals Phil Garner came to challenge and inspire the children. (Yes I know less of the old!) The day started with a few brain thunks – I use the word advisedly. Pupils debated what the world would be like if elephants ruled the planet and what would you get if you crossed a rabbit and a cabbage! You get the idea. Some of the answers were simply wonderful and really imaginative.

The children, working in groups, were then asked to design a new chocolate bar. A careful brief was given and a full range of marketing and design activities followed. One group actually recorded a television advert! The endearing memory is of the sound of cheery chatter that pervaded the school. Our sincere thanks go to Phil Garner for providing the children with such a unique experience.

We are being blessed with the wonderful weather and just for a change we seem to be having the best of it up here in the North West. I took a walk on the cliff last Wednesday evening and you could have been on the Riviera. Lovely to see so many children paddling in the gently breaking waves. It all looked idyllic. Definitely the place to be!
Well there we are. It has all been very exciting!
Forwards with confidence!
Mike Abraham

We had a real ‘red letter’ day last week when we finally got the chance to bring some of our new   pupils and teachers together on campus for our initial Induction Day.

St Bees School Induction Day 800Everybody was a bit nervous, but there was really no need as it quickly became obvious that this is going to be a fantastic group to be involved in. Staff had prepared wonderful activities and pupils immediately took up the challenge of meeting new people and learning new things: speaking their first words of Chinese; writing Haikus; testing acidity and alkalinity with homemade indicators; learning the fundamentals of Eton Fives; getting to grips with some important equipment that will keep them safe on our Outdoor Education programme; team-building through a series of ‘command tasks’; and even playing golf!

The superb weather helped make the most of our amazing location, and the children were fed and watered throughout the day by our magnificent support staff.

Positivity, camaraderie, challenge, and enjoyment were the cornerstones of the day which show what St Bees School is all about, and there is only one word to describe how it feels to be part of it: BRILLIANT

Gareth Seddon

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