St Bees School – Numbers Triple in a Year!

On the five year anniversary of the announcement of its closure, St Bees School is delighted to reveal that it is on track to have 50 students in September – more than tripling their current cohort of 15. 

The growth in numbers reinforces how local, national and even international students are truly engaging with the new St Bees ethos.  The concept of a Fusion Curriculum – the only one of its kind in the UK – is something not only new to Cumbria, but also to the UK.  With a strong focus on merging the best of the West and the best of the East, teaching Chinese, Fusion Maths and a clear push on character development, St Bees is leading the way in an educational revolution.

New parents have been overwhelmed by the opportunities presented to their children – and the new intake are already excited to start in September.  With an international mix, Germans, British, Spanish, Turkish and a few Chinese; the boarding house will be a true cultural melting pot of around 20 students.  Day students will make up the rest of the school numbers.

One of the key aspects of St Bees that parents are delighted by was the intensive one-to-one mentoring; a type of life coaching, ensuring that their child was kept on track from day one.  This support is more than just academic.  At St Bees, they provide the wings… and give the children the opportunity to fly.  Watch this space to see how it continues to grow and make educational headway.

Headmaster, Roger Sinnett, is delighted with the uptake.  “The numbers signify a true level of commitment and confidence from parents in what we are doing here.  St Bees has risen from the ashes and we are here to stay.”

There are still a few places remaining for next year.  Head of Marketing and Admissions, Ceara Hayden, has been inundated with enquiring parents and cannot reply quick enough – but has encouraged all interested parents to get in touch as soon as possible. 

“We are truly overwhelmed with the interest for this year, and this is a sign that parents and students are really understanding what we are trying to do here.  This is such a unique school – and one of our strengths is our small size.  We do have space for more – but it will always be small. 

We aren’t academically selective, but because of our character development emphasis, a child who goes through St Bees with us here will be academically successful.  We are looking for those with potential – that can be academic, but it can also be artistic, sporting, teamwork, drama, etc.  We want kids with a bit of ‘star quality’ and would love to have a chat if you think we’re right for you.”

With just over a term left to go… do get in touch today at or 01946 828000.

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